Sign Of The Times

June 01, 2018

Some call it gentrification.  Some call it progress.  We'll leave it to you to decide for yourselves.  We have truly enjoyed being a part of the DTLA pulse for the last couple years.  But alas, big business has come knocking on the Tower Theater door and so the face of downtown will undergo a massive facelift on the corner of Broadway and 8th.  We liked being a little hole in the wall.  We liked the LA history and grit that we worked to keep in our space - and we hope you did too.  I won't play the spoiler, but if you have read the recent news reports, then you know who is coming to town.  I won't say if it's bad or good - it's just change.  So, until we locate our next retail chapter we wanted to say thank you to everyone who has come through our store.  The store will close at the end of June and we will run a 20% off sale from now until then as another way of saying Thanks!  So come on by and we'll see you soon - HEX