Shooters Shooting Shooters: SoTeeOh

July 06, 2016

SoTeeOh-12 In our day-to-day, we get to work with a lot of great photographers.  Recently, I was chatting with Adeyemi Adegbesan (aka SoTeeOh) and Steve Carty about the idea of combining a photo journal with a product field test and giving it a twist by having each photographer be both the shooter and the model.  We all dug the idea, and this is the result - "Shooters Shooting Shooters".  Check out  SoTeeOh's perspective in this installment along with his shots featuring Steve Carty from around Toronto.  Then, next time, we will bring you Steve's perspective - and his shots featuring SoTeeOh.  Enjoy! SoTeeOh-1 Steve Carty With His HEX DSLR Backpack, Shot By SoTeeOh I spend a lot of my time shooting on the go. Either I'm shooting on the street or on location so I have to carry my equipment with me. That's why I'm a bit of a bag junkie. I'm always looking to improve in terms of convenience and comfort, and of course its gotta look good too!  I recently got the chance to test out two new packs from HEX: the DSLR Backpack and the DSLR Sling.  Right away I was sold on the appearance.  Most of my clothes and gear is black, so the backpack's matte all black finish is a perfect fit.  My only hesitation with the backpack was its size.  It's big, so I wasn't sure how much I would actually use it on a day to day basis.  But after taking it out on a couple of missions, it was so comfortable that the size became a total non-issue.  And, in terms of construction and design, I honestly love how this backpack works.  I don't think there is anything I would change about this bag.  The design is really well thought out so it fits all my gear and keeps everything organized. SoTeeOh-3 SoTeeOh-10 SoTeeOh-9 Sniper On a recent shoot I brought my 6D body, 3 lenses, laptop, 2 speedlites, flash stands, umbrella and accessories and was able to fit it all entirely in the backpack.  I'm the kind of person that would rather bring too much than not enough, so being able to fit so much into this pack is perfect for me.  I've taken it all over the city and even went shooting in a couple of snow storms with it, and totally held up.  Especially when I was shooting in the snow, all my gear stayed warm and dry.  The quick access pocket at the top for my camera is really convenient as well especially when I'm shooting street stuff. SoTeeOh-6 Steve Carty In His HEX DSLR Sling Shot By SoTeeOh SoTeeOh-2 The bag that really surprised me was the DSLR sling.  I don't typically go for sling style packs, I just prefer having two straps so I didn't think i was going to be into this bag.  But after I gave it a try I was really impressed.  The strap design is really well done so its comfortable and still feels balanced. I also really liked the quick release on the strap which makes it really easy to put on and take off.  And just like the backpack, the sling is really well thought out in terms of its design an convenience.  Having the quick access pocket on the side lets me get at my camera without actually taking the bag off which is cool and the fact that it still has a dedicated laptop compartment is pretty amazing.  I didn't even notice that it was there when I first looked at the bag, but they really didn't leave out any features when they put this together. SoTeeOh-5 SoTeeOh-8 All in all, these are two great bags. The backpack is hands down my go to for any shoot I'm working on.  I can literally pack everything I need and still have my hands free - where before I was always carrying two or three packs.  The sling really amazed me too. Its definitely gonna see a lot of action this summer on my daily trips around the city when I'm shooting street stuff. - SoTeeOh SoTeeOh-4 SoTeeOh-11 Follow SoTeeOh here and Steve Carty here.