HEX x Pow Wow! Hawaii

March 01, 2016

DSC07370 Ricky Lee Gordon Art is important.  It is inspirational, influential, and indispensable to any society.  We have been big fans of what Jasper Wong and his team have been doing with integrating artists into the modern urban landscapes of some of our biggest cities under his Pow Wow! program.  We had the opportunity to participate and sponsor the recent 2016 installment of Pow Wow! Hawaii and wanted to share the experience with you.  So check out the pics and video of the sights and sounds of PowWow! Hawaii and be on the look out for Pow Wow! Long Beach in a couple months time. DSC06408 Tristan Eaton DSC06657 Tristan Eaton JP__7794 Tristan Eaton DSC06433 Hueman with HEX x Pow Wow! Hawaii Gear DSC08310 Art Collaboration: Hueman with Tatiana Suarez, Lolo YS, Woes, Jose Mertz, and Boy Kong DSC06162 Bicicleta Sem Freio DSC06146 DSC06523 DSC06185 Lucas Aoki and Mouf DSC07446 Usugrow DSC07347 Collaborative wall with OG Slick, CKaweekS, and Mung Monster DSC07447 James Jirat DSC07359 Audrey Kawasaki DSC06520 Andrew Hem and Ekundayo DSC06530 Sket-One