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HEX Presents The First #AllianceMeetNYC

March 14, 2016

On Saturday, February 27th, 2016 photography collectives and communities from around the world gathered in New York City for the first #AllianceMeetNYC. This community event was hosted by @AGameofTones, @MoodyGrams, @NYCPrimeShot, @NYCPrime_Ladies, @Fatal.Frames & @TheImaged and had an attendance of over 400 photographers from New York and around the world. Photographers made their way around New York City. From Dumbo to the Brooklyn Bridge to China Town to World Trade, this event was one to remember. Be sure to check out the hashtag on Instagram #AllianceMeetNYC for more community photos from this amazing day and enjoy these examples and video to give you a great feel for the event. Thank you to everyone who came out and be sure to stay posted for future events! image (11) @kankankavee image (8) @tarif_nyc image (6) @face.abfsc image (12) @faustonunez image (9) @raluca305 image (10) @ktodoma image (13) @chief770 image (7) @alkyfennell